Thanks to a generous grant from Lotteries, BAS is conducting research into the impact of welfare sanctions. In the year ending December 2018, 44959 beneficiaries were sanctioned. Our project seeks to assess whether these sanctions are having their designed effect in changing behaviour, or whether they instead impose unnecessary hardship.

The first stage of our research involves a nationally distributed survey. This survey looks to collect information on individual experiences of those who have been sanctioned by Work and Income.

A sanction includes any instance where your benefit has been cut or reduced in some way not related to income you have earned. For example a sanction could include your benefit being reduced if you did not show up to a scheduled appointment.


If you have been affected by a sanction/s we would appreciate if you could fill out this short survey. If you know someone who has been affected please pass this on to them. It only takes 5-10 minutes and all participants are able to enter themselves into a prize draw to win one of two $100 shopping vouchers!

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